Collection of Poems

silhouette couple dancing in the sunset.

Honest Tea

Sit with me. Let’s have a cup of honest tea, and figure out exactly where we’re meant to be.

A Monopoly on Madness

At the end of the night, we all must pay our tab. And when the money runs out, all that’s left is everything we’re running from.

Ashes to the Wind

And though I have spread your ashes to the wind, I have always held on to the parts of you that could never be burned by fire. The parts of you that live in the kindness of my best smile.

Time to Time

As if happiness has a certain scent that even my best lavender softener could pretend to be.

Fear of Light

I’m trying so hard to forgive myself, for all the things that were never my fault.

Watercolor Chaos

I asked your heart to hold still so I could paint you in my dreams; knowing all along, that I love the way watercolor runs in the rain.

Impossible Odds

Please… Let me torture myself a little longer, so that I don’t forget what it feels like to fall in love.

Sweetest Dreams

Maybe someday, I might show up, in your sweetest dreams…

Wonderful Wandering

I often wonder, about the world in your mind… I know its colors, are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…

The Wanderer

The madness, might grip my soul, and crumble me like the ten-page love letter I never sent to my high school sweet heart.


I’ll keep driving for now, at least, until somewhere, catches up to me.


You say to me, that I am yours, in this world of in between. You say to me, that all this pain, was truly just a dream,

Beautiful Stranger

Your scars are beautiful, to those who would see you clearly.

The Witness

Beautiful, is the gift, that you might witness, a many great things.


I let you be imperfect, and still I gave you, too much of myself.

Suit Jackets

something about, wearing a suit jacket, inspires a confidence, that is favorably reflected, in the eyes, of beautiful strangers.

Dark Stranger

Everything you’ve ever done, has been to hold me, between the stairs, of heaven and hell. And you have done phenomenal…


I cannot promise you
that my love is as forever
as the cracks
of my bathroom mirror

Mamma Bear

Sometimes, you have to let the sadness take you, to the times in your life, where love and happiness live.

The Toxicity of Silence

So I’ll be honest

Silence gives me too much time to myself…

This Girl…

So there’s this girl…