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Most nights

I can’t sleep

I’m not mad about it

I’m not sad about it

I’m just…


and while I find
myself undead
within the shadows
of this bed

the theater
of my conscious mind
crafts stories
that I find divine

where faces
so familiar
whisper worlds
that were never true

and I slip into
because in madness
I am here
with you

you say to me
that I am yours

in this world
of in between

you say to me
that all this pain

was truly
just a dream

I feel
my arms
around you

holding tightly
never letting go

but then
the room
in darkness
that I too well know

I open my eyes

you are not there

I open my arms

you are not there

I check my phone

you are not there

there is only

your silence

and so

I try to sleep

held in a dream
I’ll not defeat

the truth

and madness…

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Published by John Onyx

A poet of the lost, the found, and the in-between. I’m interested in collaborating with photographers, musicians, and videographers on larger projects. Feel free to email me at if interested!

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