Wonderful Wandering

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When I look at you,

I often wonder
about the world
in your mind…

I know
its colors

are unlike anything
I’ve ever seen before.

I know
its trees

are perhaps more
than endless pine.

I wonder

how your hope smells
on rainy days

and if your dreams dance
on floating clouds
like ballerina figurines.

I wonder

if its rivers
to your laugher

and if its mountains
taste like snow cones
of your kindness.

I wonder

about the storms too…

I wonder

if you get cold,
in the rain.

I do.

So, if our worlds might collide

I’ll be sure and bring an umbrella,

but only one…

to be honest,

I just want to sit next to you

and make silly jokes
about how storm clouds
look like cotton candy
in the dark,

and to remind you,

that somewhere beyond the grey

the sun will rise

the flowers will bloom

and the moon will forgive and forget.

I would battle the wind for you

so that I might
brush the hair
from your face


the warmth of your smile
brings color to my eyes

and the sound of your voice
reminds my heart
that there is a reason
for its music

I know…

Maybe tomorrow you’ll sail away,

and I’ll wave to you from the shore.

Maybe we’ll cry,

and someday forget…


I’m not afraid of tomorrow
when I hold your hand

Time will stop for us

and forget
its own existence
when we kiss.

I often wonder
about the world
in your mind

I know its beauty
is unlike anything
I’ve ever seen.

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A poet of the lost, the found, and the in-between. I’m interested in collaborating with photographers, musicians, and videographers on larger projects. Feel free to email me at me@johnonyx.com if interested!

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