The Greatest Gravities (3/2/21)

what do you do
when what you want
is a stranger
to the path you know
is best

when uncertainty settles
heavy in your chest
littered in pools of tears
that never dried
and shards of shattered dreams
that tore your delicate hands

I can’t blame you
for being afraid

The path ahead
is paved in shadows
and dark creatures
wait to feed
on your despair

you’re going to fail

but so will I

and so will they

yet no matter how many times
you fall along the way
a reaching hand
and familiar voice
will meet you
even in the greatest gravity

and you’ll never have a chance
to forget
“You’ve got this.”
-John Cross

Published by John Onyx

A poet of the lost, the found, and the in-between. Iā€™m interested in collaborating with photographers, musicians, and videographers on larger projects. Feel free to email me at if interested!

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